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One of my entries for ‘Australian Lolitas Classic Paintings Shoot’ event. I tried to match the original painting as closely as possible in lighting, colour and composition. Now with comparison photo!

Lighting by me, photography by technotropism, styling and post processing by me. [dA]

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This photoshoot was inspired by “Pride & Prejudice” theme.

My outfit is Aristocrat version of Mr. Darcy

Beautifull Lovelochka as Elisabeth Bennet

Thanx for the great photo ann-emerald
More photo here

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London Collections: Men - GQ UK by Robert Fairer, June 2013

 A fashion shoot at Spencer House and my friend Simon Foxton neglected to tell me. Oh, the agony. 

I’ve reblogged this before, but it’s too wonderful not to give it another go.

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"The Death of Princess" by Jeanne10朱竣維

photo by Marie Cherie 

I don’t know why I don’t submit this before, I really loved that TP :3

photo by Marie Cherie

I don’t know why I don’t submit this before, I really loved that TP :3


This is the final photo Sam and I came up with for the latest Australian Lolitas event! Two photos, one scene. We chose to represent a BATTLE OF THE BRANDS! with Sweet vs. Gothic! 

I look like such a crank, man. Such a crank. Anyway. There are a few more to be edited, which I’ll post soon. We had a hard time picking our final shots! No dresses were harmed in the making of these photos. We had carefully orchestrated piles to stand between, rather than on or in.

And my outfit for the project! 

Blouse: Dear Celine
Dress: Putumayo (with AatP underskirt)
Socks and Rose corsage: AatP
Bonnet: Chantilly
Parasols: Lumiebre

As you can see in the final shot, I had to change the cream parasol to black white to suit the colour scheme better. But it worked well!

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• There once was a girl who became a strange little doll, who loved classical music, the French pastry, clothes, good manners, and everything was "beautiful" and "old."

•One day the doll thought, "sure there are other girl-doll like me", and that's how he met Lolita. She now lives happily in his mysterious house of mirrors and sweets, mending their clothes next, reading, singing, praying and waiting quietly to get the uncertain tomorrow. End? XD